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Everyone is a genius

What does it mean to have writer’s block? To have no ideas at all? To be a lazy procrastinator?

At some point, we’ve all been there, utterly unable to be inspired for that one thing. Though we were “blocked” in one domain, we still went about our lives, likely hyper-focused on something unimportant… perhaps even doing that thing well.

At other times, words flow freely. Good ideas overflow, like theater popcorn from a dangling metal tin. Surely, this is a fluke. Surely, these ideas are someone else’s, transmuted into my brain through some weird sci-fi phenomena. No, they’re really mine!

And that’s what I mean when I say everyone is a genius. Everyone is a “genius” about something, sometimes. If we consider our thoughts in three dimensions time, quality, and “domain,” our ideas are all over the place.

The key, then, isn’t having good ideas all the time… it’s creating an environment where that’s more likely, then capturing them as they occur.

So being a genius and having good ideas isn't a problem of inspiration, because most people are inspired at some point, and most people have good ideas at some point. But rather, it's a problem of execution, forage, and retrieval.

So write things down. Take voice notes. Use these new tools to catalog and organize your thoughts. Then when the time comes, resurface them and share them with people you think will find them useful. That is how you become a genius.

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