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Life is a game of catch

You don’t try to win a game of catch.

In fact, the whole point of catch is that you’re playing catch. And it goes on indefinitely until either you or your partner get bored. Maybe I’ve spent more time than most playing catch (I did play baseball for 20 odd years), but within the game there are little things you can focus on.

You can focus on how you throw, the trajectory of the ball, your accuracy, your speed, actually catching (don’t forget that one).

And that’s life. The whole point of the game is to play. It’s not something to “win” or “finish,” but rather something to practice, inspect, and enjoy.

Within the larger game, there are an infinite number of games to play. The cool thing about our world is that you can find a job doing… pretty much anything. Now, we could call it intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, but that’s not entirely right, because even intrinsic motivation can have a finish line.

Rather, it’s more like an identity: “I am someone who plays catch.” And in 10, 20, 30 years, if you practice with intention, I bet you’ll be pretty damn good at catch.

Not only that, but you’ll probably be happier than someone who ran a race they didn’t enjoy for a finish line they didn’t really want.