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brian chesky

I recently saw a quote from the founder of AirBnb, Brian Chesky, and it got me thinking... Somewhere between working for startups, moving across the country, and chasing my goals, there’s been a real lack of human connection.

Now, I didn't start a multi-billion dollar corporation and life is pretty good, so I don't have too much in common with Brian, but hear me out.

For the last five years, I have prioritized my career, fitness, and personal growth. I’ve viewed those things through a very narrow lens: “How can I spend my time to make myself a 'better' person?” Where "better" is completely arbitrary and self-selected.

That involves early mornings and late nights. It involves sacrifice, commitment, and dedication. You have to give up everything and expect nothing... or do you?

What if it’s possible to make yourself better by doing things you enjoy? Or rather, to learn to enjoy precisely the things that make you better? And to surround yourself with people who work towards the same goals?

What if, instead of pursuing your passions alone, you do them with like-minded people? It becomes much easier to make friends when “hanging out” means doing the things you already are. And here’s a secret: being around motivated people makes you a better person.

Simply “doing” is a good first step towards any goal, but a good second step is “sharing.” Sharing might mean moving to a city to engage with your work. It might mean seeking out an extra special community or paying a bit more for a gym membership to be sure it's the right fit.

“Sharing” means joining a community and serving others. And that means less loneliness, which results in a more sustainable process and greater longevity, which... makes you a better person.